Kids Birthday Theme Inspo: Saloon & Spa


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I would like to create Saloon & Spa theme Birthday Party for my daughter this year. So, I would love to share the inspiration that I got from internet and instagram account which area totally amazing.

So, What are the items that we should prepare to create Saloon & Spa birthday party?

1. Bathrobes & Towels
2. Chair with small ottoman
3. Real flowers like orchids and roses
4. Scent Candles
5. Natural DIY Mask : Ingredients Oat & Eggs (Safer for kids skin)
6. Baby Oil for massage
7. Hair Dryer
8. Cucumber and Tomato for eyes
9. Manicure & Pedicure set
10. Tea & Cute tea set
11. At least one Spa staff (we can invite our family elder teenagers) to serve 5 kids.

I believe my daughter will really enjoy this party with her friends. The main rule: GIRLS ONLY

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Life should be awesome mummies!

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